WarrenBird.com – Co-Authors
People sometimes ask how to contact the various people I’ve had the privilege of writing books for and with. Below are the best ways to reach them, either their organization, their blog, their twitter or their email.


Carl George: www.metachurch.com and carlgeorge (at) metachurch.com


Dale Galloway: dalegalloway (at) cox.net


Ed Stetzer: www.edstetzer.com , www.twitter.com/edstetzer



Elmer Towns: www.elmertowns.com/index.cfm?action=bio

and eltowns (at) liberty.edu


Geoff Surratt: www.multisiteroadtrip.com , www.seacoast.org ,



Greg Ligon: www.multisiteroadtrip.com or www.twitter.com/gregligon


Jim Tomberlin: www.multisitesolutions.com,



Johnny Berguson: www.kingdom.com  and




Kim Miller: www.ginghamsburg.org , www.redesigningworship.blogspot.com ,

and kmiller (at) ginghamsburg.org


Lyle Schaller: Google “Lyle Schaller”



Max McLean: www.maxmclean.com , www.listenersbible.com


Michael Slaughter: www.ginghamsburg.org   and www.mikeslaughter.com/blog



Pete Scazzero: www.emotionallyhealthychurch.com



Robert Lewis: www.familylife.com/site/c.dnJHKLNnFoG/b.3812915 and

RLewis (at) familylife.org



Scott Thumma: www.hartfordinstitute.org


Tom Clegg: www.tomclegg.com



Wayne Cordeiro: www.enewhope.org  and

www.enewhope.org/aboutus/pastorwayne and wayne (at) enewhope.org